First EMDR

I went for my first two appointments. One was to get a history on me and my issues. The other was to prepare me for EMDR using relaxation and meditation that will be used at the end of each session.

Today at 12 I will actually go back in time. It does scare me a lot. But I set out to do this and I am committed. I want a better life. One that is free of PTSD. I am excited to think about what it will be like.

I will write about it here when I get home. Its going to be taped. It will be just audio. Perhaps I will put the whole session here. For people who have never heard of it this will give them a very good idea of what its like. It will mean making myself vulnerable to my readers but it will also help those whom have never suffered child abuse an idea of the deep sadness, anger, fear and grief that is a result of such horrors in childhood. For all of those who have done or are doing EMDR, thumbs up to you. You are very brave and courageous!



4 thoughts on “First EMDR

    1. Do research on it but be careful of videos on you tube that offer self EMDR. EMDR has to be done by a certified clinition
      It can be dangerous to people who have complex issues relating to the past. You need to be face to face with a qualified therapist. Thanks for your comment. I always like hearing from you Princess Aurora!!


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