Happy Place


I thought it was going to be an actual EMDR session but she felt that I could use some more prep work. In other words, practicing more deep relaxation and deep breathing technique. We did a guided meditation  where I discovered a happy place that I can go in my head when things get too over-whelming…..and she said it will!  Bringing up deep wounds from the past can bring up many painful emotions and even body sensations. I like and trust in this therapist a lot. She really cares and goes the extra mile.

The environment in her office is so relaxing. She plays soft music in the background as we talk and burns incense. She said that’s the hippy in her. She has teddy bears,  a big comfy couch and pillows. It has a very warm feel. You almost can’t help to feel safe. To all of us survivors feeling safe is so important.

The audio of the session came out good but I am having technical difficulties with my I-pod and uploading to a computer file that I can put online.

I will try and do this over the weekend. No promises thought..



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