Our Journey

Today is another therapy day. However, I think I am going to keep it light. I don’t want to do too much to soon. Maybe today we can just talk about today’s issues. We all have issues. We live in an imperfect world. No one gets through life without some measure of difficulty. Perhaps some have more than others and they feel that it is just not fair. Well my therapist always tells me that  we are all on are own journey. This journey could lead us to what we were meant to be. We just have to trust the process that our brains go through. Our life is not predetermined therefore we have the ability to change and shape our life into what we want. No matter the difficulty we can triumph over it. But we must be willing to put the effort.  Nothing moves if nothing moves. Change does not happen unless we change it. It is truly amazing that we have the ability to survive through some of the most horrendous things and keep living.

In Gods eyes no life story is greater or lesser important. Its just our journey. We do have the control to change it. God has given us an amazing brain with so many ability’s and even ones we haven’t tapped into yet. There are people who think that they don’t have any gift or talent. The fact is that we all have gifts or talents. Its just some of us have not found them yet. Explore your mind and your heart. It will tell what to try. Give it your all! You might be pleasantly surprised.

Linda B.


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