I did talk about what I went through as child that was pretty horrific not only in therapy but on this blog. It took a lot out of me and my therapist felt it was a good idea to take a break and gets some more support in a higher level of care (IOP). I agreed to go. Even though it had such an impact on me emotionally, I am glad I did it. It needed to come out. It was about time. I realized through this process that I gained back some power. The power that every human being deserves but was taken from a lot of us as kids.  Standing up for ourselves results in standing up for children as a whole. . Because if enough of us talk about this and raise awareness then maybe we can make a huge dent in this child abuse atrocity. I have read many other blogs of very brave people who have shared their stories. In a very sad way it is comforting to others who have experienced the same things. This can trigger a ripple affect that can work its way around the world. I wish all that have suffered or are still suffering healing, strength and courage. We survived it all for a reason. The Bible says that there is a purpose to everything under heaven. We are hero’s in that we survived and we can also be hero’s to others. There is strength in numbers. Lets all stand up against abuse of any kind. Abuse does not discriminate. It can effect anyone. This damages the very fabric of society. Healthy children make healthy families and healthy families make a healthy society.


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