A Much Needed Break


I just got off the phone with my therapist about taking a break. I will be going into an IOP program. Its three times a week and three hours a day. I really did not want to. I looked at it as a failure in my quest to move forward in my life. She reassured me that it is just a part of my journey. I need to acknowledge where I am at this point in my life and be ok with it. If I don’t then I will just fall apart. I have come to far to fall apart now. I agreed to accept this temporary suggestion from my Psychiatrist. She has my best interest at heart. I like her a lot. I really like my therapist as well. She is very kind and nurturing. This is something I so desperately needed for a long time. She does not just treat the whole person but instead sees all the aspects of personality. She especially treats my inner child. The one so damaged and left hidden for so long. Ignored by some and even by myself. The only one that can heal that very fragile part of me is me!  I want to  but it is so scary to go back in time. Its not so much that I am constantly dredging up the past but instead its about healing that part of me. By doing this I will be able to face the wrong perceptions of myself and replace them with positive ones. Then I can heal that painful fractured part of me and it is only then that I can realize my true identity and my true potential in life.


2 thoughts on “A Much Needed Break

  1. I would suggest from time to time think of times in your past where you were strong or something positive. I was writing and realized, or felt like I may be coming across as whining so I tried to think of time I was strong or find some good times to remember. It is important to relive the bad and heal from it but I find I need to remember the good in myself too. Best of luck to you! Keep going and everyday you will become stronger!


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