Break or Not?


I’ve been going to the IOP group these past two days. Its been difficult because I know I am just there to take a break from my work with the EMDR. I don’t really want to talk about the trauma there at the group. That would be very difficult. However, there seems to be an expectation to talk about what is on my mind and what has got me so over-whelmed that I need to take a break. But I am not going there. Or at least I am going to try to not go there. Its too hard. Unfortunately how I feel is usually written all over my face and then an observant therapist calls me out on it. I don’t like being put on the spot to answer a difficult question. But I am always the good girl and answer what I am asked. Now it is to my understand that I am there to get stronger emotionally so that I can go back and work some more on the trauma with my therapist one on one. If that means disclosing some of the trauma work and how I feel about myself then I will do what ever it takes to feel better to be happier and grow emotionally so that I can get on with my life finally and once and for all leave the past behind me.


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