Group Today

iiI started group on Tuesday and its three times a week for three hours a day. It can be incredibly  exhausting. The therapist’s are all nice. It seems sometimes that there is a lot of people but we are all broken down into thee smaller groups. Its good like this because everyone is given a chance to talk and vent about what is  bothering them and what they need out of the this intensive program. Each individual situation is addressed in these groups. We have to be patient with others and allow them to have their time to speak and it will come around to us again.  Sometimes an especially troubling issue is brought up  and time is taken to be sure that this patient is safe from any  sort of self- harm. It could be cutting, alcohol drugs and worst of all  suicide. It is a scary subject to talk about but its important so that anyone in the group who is thinking of escaping from life will get help and  we all take  the time that is needed as a group to help this person. Life can be wonderful and it can also be devastating.

It’s important to show respect to a person in need…. being very careful what we say. When someone is suicidal  they are very sensitive and it only  takes just a few thoughtless words to tip them over the edge. I have found myself in that situation from time to time over the years. Our healing journey can take us down many different roads. Scary roads into our past. Also roads that lead us to the waiting place……..the place where it seems that we are just exisiting but not really living. Its import to find a way to break free from that waiting place and move forward to something better. It may happen that we end up in a program like I am in just to get a little exta support to go out in life again and fight yet another day.   We might even have to be hospitalized for a time and there is no shame in that. The most important thing we need to remember when dealing with a difficult history is that safety comes first because with all we’ve been through we deserve to stay alive and have a better life. It takes great courage when we have to go down the most difficult path of all and that is the history of our childhood. It’s those of us who have survived some of the worst atrocities  that come out of it with our heads held high. We deserve to be heard. We have a right to get our story out and to be validated for what we went through as children. Because anything less means the perpetrator wins. We are survivors, we are winners. Sometimes we may have to go backwards for a time and then start to go forward again. It may seem frustrating at times but the end result is worth it.



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