Still in IOP

I get so frustrated when I have to stay in the IOP to long. I get scared that I will  be asked difficult questions that I am not prepared to talk about. I have to admit that it has given me the break that I needed from EMDR. I have about three more weeks to go here. It’s really hard to support others in the group when they don’t really acknowledge what you were saying to them. I know we are all there for different reasons. However, there are many things that we all have in common. There are great therapist there.

They know just how two iidraw you out and answer those difficult question that we seem to hide at all cost. The therapist’s can pull them out of us and into the room where others can relate. That is the magic of groups.

There was this  young man who is terrified by the things he sees in the videos on YouTube. No matter what we try to say to him it does not relieve his fear. He is one of those patients who keep going over the same thing in each group. It steals time from the patients who need to talk the most. Especially those who think about suicide.

I have been doing good for the most part. I have closed the door on what I was working on in therapy. When I go back to my therapist in three weeks we are going to slow down and just have talk therapy for a while. I miss her. I can’t hardly wait to see her again. She is so warm and soft-spoken.. She is gentle with me when she sees the need. The last session I had before IOP she put a teddy bear on my lap. She said look at this bear as if it is your inner child. I have issues with my inner child so it is hard to embrace the idea of my wounded inner child. Sometimes she talks directly with the inner child.


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