fb-mindfulnessAs a continuation from my last post yesterday, I thought about how I have been taught mindfulness. It’s the practice of the here and now. Its being present in this very moment in time. It’s paying attention to every aspect of what we are doing. For instance, if you are taking a bubble bath it’s seeing, smelling, hearing and touching. It can make you more aware of the moment in front of you. In this case a bubble bath. What about bubbles? Have you ever looked closely at bubbles?  If you have than you no doubt have noticed the tiny little sparkling rainbows within each and every bubble. Then there is the warmth of the water that is so relaxing that it can chase any bad day away for a while. Its a perfect distraction from the past and future events in your life. It’s great for when ever you want to escape the past and not worry so much about the future. If you have away  of living in the past and stressing over every little mistake and it may have even happened on this very day then pay careful attention to the moment right in front of you. But remember there is always away to escape from all that unnecessary worrying. I have practiced it many times. But it takes an awareness of the here and now and I still sometimes struggle with the pain of the past and the worry of my future as a result of the past. It does not have to be that way. I will say though, that going back in time to remember some special happy event is healthy or looking forward to some reward is also just as good.  There has to be a balance.

So with regards to yesterdays post and the lack of desire to go shopping, I discovered a new way of looking at it. However I must say that working on the past so as to get past it has taken me back to the days when I was just a small child and remembering going without food. There were many times when we only had one meal for the day and even that was pathetic. We did not even have milk except in school. When children out there were trying to find a way to not drink their milk….. we where dreaming about having a nice tall cold glass of milk. We were malnourished and had growth problems and we had bad teeth. We never saw a dentist when we were little. By the time my brothers reached their early twenties their teeth were shot. I remember many times that my stomach would hurt because I was hungry and as a result of going hungry I lacked energy to just have fun and be a kid. Children should not have to worry where there next meal will be.

So now here in the present, I discovered a way to make the past work for me in a positive way. When I go shopping next I will remember  a time when the shopping cart had very little in it.. Now I am all grown and have children of my own….I want a better life for them. I swore to never let them go hungry.  From here on in I will try to be mindful about shopping. As I put each and every item in my cart I will remember those days of going without and really appreciate today. Now I can pay attention to how it feels to take each item off the shelf and place in my cart. If I do this and really pay attention to the process of shopping I will most assuredly enjoy my shopping days.

That’s what mindfulness is all about. Go ahead try it. It can be fun when really paying attention at just today or just one event in our day!







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