Generations Past


Fathers bares the pain of past,

revealing to their child in glass,

that she shall hold the blame,

that isn’t hers.

Living with the shame,

this pain incurs.

Cast off those things,

that hamper growth,

and interfere with this small child’s hope.

Do not entrap this tender child,

into the grip of your sin.

Wiping out her innocence,

even before it has begun to live.

But surrender her over to love,

for which you have been intrusted.

Give her peace.

Give her release BEFORE it has passed your mind.

Shall your twisted desire ease,

and from the pain of heart,

caused by generations before your time.


P.S.  If only they could see the damage to a child before they act on their own selfish impulses.

This impulse is often times caused by generations before them. Unfortunately some of these

abusers don’t realize they are acting out the very thing that they suffered as a child by a

family member. They therefore continue this sick legacy. If only there was a way to express to

these abusers the extent of the pain caused by them upon a child.

This is the message in this poem.

Healthy children make healthy families.

Healthy families make a healthy society.

Please become more aware.

Awareness can be half the battle against child abuse.

I  reposted this from one of my earlier posts

in reference to the word of the day



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