The puzzle of a damaged soul,
has missing pieces from long ago.
The outer edge of sanity,
unfolds like the cradle of youth.
Each piece reaching out,
and seeking truth.
A brand new foundation built,
like the gentleness of a birth.
The opening of a tender heart,
bursts like the beauty and color of each piece,
therefore giving insight and hope.
A picture is starting to come through,
vivid and true.
To the puzzle of a life,
there is a painful circumstance,
that steals the right of self discovery.
An effort to try to make a life,
like the missing puzzle pieces,
floating in a mind at night.
There is a distortion of view.
Will the dreams find the pieces that fit?
There is a fear of ugly replacements.
not for the eyes to see.
This has introduced frightening pieces,
for the ones we cannot see.
Left undiscovered till now.
This puzzled masters heart,
will find the true pieces to rid the evil,
and give the puzzle a new start.
With this challenge there’s an exploration of life.
Bringing together the obsqure and brite
When will this puzzle be complete!
There is no limit,
on how far to reach.
Never stop seeking,
for the pieces that fit.
For every piece brings understanding.
Seek and rid of the dark pieces that don’t belong.
It will take much effort,
to extract the black that’s wrong.
It will not fit.
So behold a vision a-new.
The puzzle of this special life.
It keeps building,
as we accept each new piece.
There is a story unfolding,
courages and strong.
The lessons of stories,
that fit stand with power and dignity.
Chaste and pure.
There is no finish,
its open ended.
Always seeking and reaching,
for the vision of the truthful pieces,
and carefully placing them just right.
What a beautiful view.
What a beautiful life!



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