The Power of Energy Within


Oh how I love my  peaceful quiet time. Time to meditate and process any event or emotion that stands out to me and needs my attention. It’s so important to listen to ourselves. Its so important to care for ourselves because in doing this we become healthier people who can assist others in need. Life has so many cycles. I noticed that. As much as we would like to forget our painful upbringing, it seems to come around without warning and so we try to push it away it comes around again. Its demanding our attention. Stress and perhaps depression will be the result if we do not listen. Monday my stress limit was tested.But I worked through it with my therapist and was proud of myself after. There was even a feeling of release. For those of us with difficult childhoods, to say the least,  we live with trapped negative energy inside of us. Energy that reaches to the crore  of who we are as a person. As long as we choose to ignore the trauma of our past we will have to live with the pain, the fear and the and lack of parental love. Perhaps for some of us, there was no love at all. It can be very difficult to walk around in this world with a heavy burden on our heart. But it is not just that. We carry the energy whether negative or positive and that has a definite effect in our lives with our family, socially  and also our job. The energy is stored not just in our minds or hearts but in our body as well. Its energy that is crying out to be released. It cries out when something does not go right at work or home . Perhaps it’s when we fail at something. It brings us down lower than it should. We become depressed and lack the knowledge as to why. We try and push through life ignoring what or body’s and mind are trying tell us. That something needs our attention. Take the time go back to when you think that it all started and find someone, a professional to help you work through it. Then you will come to understand the impact your past can have on you now and in the future. If you have a flat tire on your bike you are going to have a bumpy uncomfortable ride. You might even fall. Go back and fix that flat tire and as you ride you will feel the ease of moving forward. People say that therapy is not for everyone but to those who are brave enough to face their fears and pain a more joyful life is attained. Get rid of the bad energy that keeps following you around.




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