Strange Dream


There was this evil presence for lack of a better term. It was in this strange factory. People were challenged to confront this evil presence. However, one by one they would be cast out of the factory. Some of these brave souls where very strong while others chose to use their powers of reason. Some called it a beast. Some jut called it plain old evil. I sat at the outskirts of the factory. I had hoped this was a safe distance.  Many who had tried to bring down the beast did so with armor or better yet love. Nothing worked. I was asked by the evil presence to enter the factory. It was so dark and erie. As I made my way up the stairs that led to this beast, I changed my mind and cowardly ran back down the stairs and out the factory doors. I thought to myself, “am I safe?” I really thought I was but suddenly all those people around the factory waiting to go in suddenly turned away and ran as fast as they could. “Why”, I thought to myself. The rumor was that he would not leave the building. If he did he would lose his power over everyone.

He challenged his own fear and ran out the door. Just as soon as the outside air hit him, he turned into a wolf. The “Little Red Ridng Hood” wolf.  He had big eyes to see everything that we were doing. His nose was strong enough to sniff out the timidist person. But his teeth were made of steel. That of which can not be compared to any other beast.  Surely any person who dared to challenge him would meet his deathly fate.

I slyly moved far enough away from him. I desperately hoped he would not see me and at the very worst chase me. Little did I know that this dream was about me and this beast turned wolf,  was after me. As he approached by surprise, I ran as fast as I could. I knew there was no way that I was a match for the speed at which this beast could run. But yet I still did my best. I acted braver than the rest. For often times what we believe impossible can in fact prove to be possible. Each time that I turned around to see how close he was, he  began to lose speed. So when I realized this I did the bravest thing yet. I turned around to face this beast and he just stood there looking at me with those piercing eyes. I said I am not afraid of you anymore.  The wolf transformed into a person. It was my very own father.

No one else could take him down because this was my  battle, my fight with the beast of my past. Things are not often what they seem. Facing the past at times seems monumental but bravery and courage will conquer all,  especially evil.

The beast made wolf by the outside air became defenseless and then began to die. All that was left was my father and his lies






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