My inner child,
where have you gone?
So deep inside.
So deep that,
I hardly hear your cries.

Days go by and weeks and years.
Nothing to say.
Just the aftermath of your fears.
And my heart cast a light,
to your invisible tears.

You bear the pain of long ago,
and send wisdom to my thoughts.
Nothing lost.
But was there a gain?

The chains that hold you,
to my core.
Cast not fear,
but beauty I adore.
I send admiration to the heart,
in hopes that our bond will never part.

Though your  memories,
seem blind to my face.
I feel your pain,
and dreadful ache.

You lack the love,
of a warm embrace,
while dwelling in a darkened space.
You’re not real,
though some may think.
But I know your alive.
For you always send a spark,
to my creative eyes.

Deep and deeper,
are soul does fill.
I know way down inside,
there is no one,
to break our will.

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                             deepKnowing I know of a time,
yes we both agree,
that this crime has stolen your,
connection  to me.

I know you dwell
deep within lost  chambers.
Perhaps in my heart.
But our memories,
 won’t always live in the dark!

Is this a black hole,
to swallow my soul?
I think it not to be so.

Your playfulness is pure,
despite the unkindness shown.
It flows by inspiration to my heart.
A spark of creative invention.
So keen and sharp.

Together we express,
our intention to the world.
Through my eyes,
and through my art,
we prove a bond.
that dwells deep within the heart.

It may be a hug or a listen
or perhaps
a lesson revisited.
So I say again,
to your pain I shall attend.

In all stages of growth,
our spirit is weak.
But for only a day.
Together we’ll take your pain go away.
Instead in still,
a right to play.

I know your quiet ways,
and yet you can be wild,
as all children get,
and sometimes,
cause a problem,
that you never meant.
But with a smile,
you cast a joyful light
upon my night,
and in my dreams.

What a beautiful sight!

 Your curiosity,
and discoveries of truth,
cast a rainbow over my fountain of youth.
I return to my life filled,
with joy and spirit,
knowing at any time,
I can turn within and revisit.

Linda Booth




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