About the last post…


I re..read the last post after it was already published and felt some responsibility to talk about the cold medicine. It is not something I would ever condone the use of.  But what is the point of sharing my experience if I can’t be honest. I think that is the most important thing that any writer could do is to be brave enough to be honest about themselves. If I want to share difficult things about myself, maybe even shameful things I must be honest! If what I say is to validate others it is very important to share things with my readers in the hopes that it will allow them to feel safe and free to share no matter what it is.

We are all vulnerable at times and make decisions that are not wise. It might be ok in the moment but what is the cost. How will it make us feel about ourselves after? Will we  feel bad about how we dealt with it all and can we find the strength to forgive ourselves all the while realizing that not one of us is perfect, right? I am not excusing what I did to deal with the pain but at least I could share the reason why because people who have been through very traumatic events in their life are just reaching to get relief for whatever the emotion is that they are dealing with at the time. But we have choices!

I know that there were lots of positive things that I could have done to help myself cope. I was so lost in this pit of despair that I was blind to those things that were a healthier choice for me. I also can’t express enough the dangers of using any substance to kill emotional pain. There is always the risk of being too upset to make a right decision. We might realize to late that it’s the wrong thing to do.   Its fear after the fact that we might just take just a little too much and then it would to late to say to ourselves that I wish I did something different.

I have come a very long way and I want to continue to move forward in a safe way knowing that the suffering is only temporary and most of all that I AM A SURVIVOR. I want to be an encouragement to others so I need to keep my own decisions in coping… positive.

Sometimes we may take a few steps backwards to move farther forward!

Please stay safe


Please let me know what you think or feel free to share your own experiences by making a comment. Please hit like. Because it keeps me encouraged to keep sharing with all of you. Thanks!!!



One thought on “About the last post…

  1. Of course, be honest. If not, what’s the point? I applaud your honesty. As humans we all have escapes. Some shop, talk, eat, do drugs, and on the list goes. I don’t bother reading blogs that are all flowery hence untrue. I read the nitty gritty true life blogs, one of which is yours. I think you are courageous.


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