I read a blog post today that irritated me. I won’t reveal the name as she probably did not mean to come  off the way that she did. However, she was speaking about personality types and that some people with certain  types that are intuitive or highly intelligent think that they are  all that and they think they are special. She was sick of hearing about the short commings or the bragging about other types. Especially those who can’t seem to get up in the morning and use their type as an excuse to not get up or do anything. It felt like she was attacking other personality types other than her own. There was much more but I did comment back and this what I said..

Some might find this comment offending because you sounded a little like your were attacking other types that either think they are better than you are or because they don’t have the strength you have. But personality types give us an awareness and validation to how we see and react to our world. There may be many contributing factors to why introverts avoid being out there in the world or why extraverts tend not always to know when it is time to settle down when the parties over. It might be mental illness or past traumatic events together and in combination with their type. So their particular type might not have the strengths that others do. You are correct in saying that no matter what we still have to get up in the morning.  Its not always easy to understand a different personality type and to fully understand the vulnerably of these other types and how crippling they can be at times. Its about having tolerance for people who are different than we and not making judgements about things we don’t fully understand. Every personality type has their strength and weaknesses. We are all on the earth to make life happy and meaningful in our own way. We are all given gifts that can enhance our life and others. No one person on earth is better than anyone else. So I get your point but I just think we have to try and be more aware and see people and life from all its different perspectives. Sometimes their are things we can’t know or understand about others because we are not them and we have not lived there life. Oh…. by the way I am an infj but I do not think or feel that I am any better than anyone else. I also have depression due to traumatic events in my life that have prevented me from fully using the potentials in my type. Thanks for post. It raised important questions.





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