I am lost in my own pool of reflection. The image is not clear. I want to wipe it but it would not clean up. I feel like it’s a  fluid image and its pooling on the floor. I can not lift my image off  the floor for its to heavy and the floor is slippery. It just splashes down. I want to help it but it wont co-operate with me.  So ok  here I am and everywhere I turn this impossible image of me just wants to pool on the floor. Is this what it all comes down to just a lifeless  barely visible fluid image. The sun is shining and people are walking all over me. It brings a new meaning to the old door mat clique. I am trying so hard to move about my life with this reflection of my image right behind me trailing along .Will I fall through the cracks of life and disappear? Is this a pleasant state to be in. I think not but perhaps for now it is only what it is.

Linda Mary,





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