Pink Time……

th7dm6onh0What would you do if you woke up in the morning and just sitting in your bed and found that you were holding something in your hand. You are not quick to check it out because it seems so strange that there is in fact something in your hand that was not there before. But as curious as any human can be you slowly open your hand. It’s of course the right one. In this hand is a small pink squishy like marble. You might say to yourself,” what the heck?”   But curiosity takes over again and you begin touching it with your left hand. As you do a soft pink light squirts through this small pink marble. This substance floats slowing above the pink marble from which it came. There is an ever so quiet sound coming from this pink light. So what do you do? You use your God give curiosity to move your ear closer to this tiny sound. Within this tiny sound is just a whisper of a voice. The sound of this voice is not like anything you have ever heard before and it peaks your curiosity even more as you move closer to try to listen to this voice that seems impossible to hear. What is it saying? Its making me crazy angry because I just woke up and I want to get started with my day and I have somewhere to be today and I am already late. But still there is this driving force that keeps you wondering what this odd experience is all about. So you listen and listen and listen and you still can not hear what the voice is saying. Just when you  thought that there was no hope in understanding why this voice or this pink light that came from the soft pink marble was for,  it began to get louder. What did you say… you pleaded to the voice, for it is still was  not quite loud enough. Determination stole the whole idea of getting ready and dressed to get on with your day.  You figured you did not want to waste this time to get nothing out of it. You were  sure no one wakes up with this odd thing in their hand. So…………You practickly shouted to this soft pink  light and the voice that was coming from it. WHAT DO YOU @#%^& WANT TO SAY!  You think that you have truly frightened this light a  little or maybe even a  lot… what-ever it is. Just then it began to speak at a normal volume and


asked, ” What would it be like to have but one moment in time that’s just for you and no one was allowed to steal it away from you. In fact,  they were so far away that they could never be a threat in taking this time away ? What would you do with this precious moment. Actually, I forgot to tell you that this moment can be expandable. In fact you could shrink this time or expand it to whatever you wish. If you  choose to shrink it than you can get on with your day as if nothing was ever in your hand. But if you did that… if you made that choice would you be satisfied that you made the right choice. Would it ever come to your mind, throughout your busy day,  just what was that moment of time that you gave up to be at work for just another boring, dull almost lifeless job?  I imagine that it would keep bothering you all day long. I mean, come on you have a boring job so you have a lot of thinking to do. Or would you stay home for just a bit to listen and humor this voice that was coming from this pink light. You are in fact one of those God-given curious people so I can’t imagine that you would choose to go to work not knowing why this strange occurrence that had interrupted your morning routine was there.  Think about the word routine it kinda sounds like the word rut doesn’t it. I don’t know…. that’s just me, this little pink voice that came from a light source inside this soft pink marble, what do I know, right? But go ahead and give it a try. How much time do you want? How much time do you need? Just trust the experience that you have this gift of the soft pink light that squirted out of this soft pink marble. Yes, I said it before and I will say it again, a gift. You might ask yourself why you are so special as to receive this gift of the expansion or shrinkage of time. That is a discovery only you can find. Come on said this little pink voice make a choice for I haven’t  got all day ya know! Oh wait maybe I do but that all depends on you. If you could take this time in your day for just a moment or even more what would you do? Would you choose to say that this is all nuts and throw this gift away. Or might you choose to use your imagination and creativity to make this moment worth while. It can be anything you wish. It could be time that you might want to gripe about your boss and all the petty things that he picks on you for throughout the day. Don’t you already do that though. Why not try something new. Allow yourself something good.

Make your time as wisely precise and well though out as you wish or you can leave it to be capriciously open for what ever happens. It’s all up to you. Its your gift and this is your life whether that drill sergeant of a boss exist or not. Take your time. Take all the time you wish to make yourself truly happy. Don’t let life take that away from you. Life can be a thief stealing your precious time. Don’t be complacent and let it… for it surely will. The wisdom of this small pink voice said your life is yours stop letting work or just plain discouragement steal this beautiful time of your making away. You can choose to wake up from here on in without the help of the tiny pink light that squirted through the soft pink marble in your hand.  Remember that it is in your right hand! This was just a gift that you had carried from your dreams last night and forgot to put it back. Tonight when you go to sleep send this little pink light back into your dreams from which it came always remembering that dreaming is a state of mind. You might be sleeping but you can be also awake and make your own decision for how your life unfolds. I will be right here waiting for you tonight in your dreams or tomorrow what ever you choose. Your life is all up to you!


PS:   This idea came to me as I awoke and did not at all know what to do with this wide open day that was set before me. I felt a deep ambivalent sadness.  So I sat up in bed and began to use my God-given curiosity to make my life happier and more fulfilling. I might let my life shrink back or I might choose for it to expand. Today is a brand new day. What in the world of my creative mind shall I do with it. I can energize my day to do what ever I want or need to do and I can bring it great joy .Please share this to whom ever you choose. Whether it is someone within our blog community or even out there in the wide open world  Share the gift of time.




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