It is now Sunday evening. I believe in every positive words in my last post. But for now I feel sad and that is ok. Others do not need to know every detail of what happened. It’s just enough for them to realize why my life today has been so difficult. All the starts and stops to get on with my life should be evidence of that. People really do care. It’s so important to know that I am not alone in my suffering and sadness. These type of things have happened to so many children all over the world. I’ll say it again child abuse does not discriminate. For there are girls and boys of every walk of life. The statistics are staggering to say the least. There seems to be a common thread that runs through all the group therapies and hospitalizations that I have been to through the years. Some mental illness is biological and genetic. But for all the rest of us the commonality is having parents who did not raise us right. Some of these parents have inflicted some of the worst pain on their own children.

I child deserves loving parents but there are some parents that don’t deserve to have a child. That’s really sad. I pray that Gods plan will do away with the suffering of children and all suffering on the earth. But for now I need to build my faith and keep my hope strong and right in front of me.





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