No Two Days Are The Same


Awareness requires us to be living right now in the here and now. Not in the past and not in the future. I well know my past but it never seems to undue the suffering. I do not know my future for it is not written yet. There is something to be said about the worries of the past and future. We can worry right now but we don’t have to. Every moment of everyday is unfolding as it should. What we desire to happen together with our efforts to make it happen will just add to the power of today. We have an opportunity each and everyday to make choices about what we want for our day and then think about it for a while. What would this day that is before us now look like? Just as the wind is always changing so to can our mood which can directly affect our day. There are things that we can do to change our mood.


Music, silly comedy, exercise, a good breakfast and we can also write out whats on our minds. Release the negativity and show it the door.  This will give us room and freedom in our day to do whatever our heart desires always remembering that just as snowflakes no two days will ever be the same.




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