I was given this quote by a psychiatrist years and years ago and he asked me what this metaphor means to me. I was caught off guard with this request not thinking that I had enough time to give a smart remark back to him.  I was also confused as to why he was even asking me this at all. I knew being in the hospital for depression was not an English class,  so why?  Well, although I stumbled a bit with this , I told him what I thought it meant.  It could be different things to different people. But to me back then,  I just simply thought that if you continue moving forward in your life at a steady pace you wont allow opportunity for the moss……or whatever obstacles stand in the way to keep you stuck so that you find yourself  in the same place and the longer you stay there the more chance that the moss or the obstacles will keep you stuck. The more moss that grows the more stuck we get. So too… with our obstacles in life if we continuously struggle with them than  we are more stuck than ever. It has an accumulative effect and this can stand in our way so much so that we find ourselves unable to move forward in any meaningful way in this journey we call our life. I don’t know if that is what he was looking for in an explanation but it was my best guess and today I still stand by that same understanding. But….yah there is always a but,  if I could only slow down a little so that I don’t get so overwhelmed by these obstacles or issues I might just find out who I was meant to be. I will never know if I continue to stay in the same old patterns of behavior. It can take stepping back from all these problems that can help us to find the answer to why we get stuck and  knowing this can propel us forward again. I am all for that but it is going to take understanding  of why I behave the ways that I do that keep me stuck.

Actuslly there is another interpretation of this metaphor and that is , People who are always moving, with no roots in one place or another, avoid responsibilities and cares.  These are people who avoid taking on responsibilities or cultivating or advancing their own knowledge. So sometimes life is all in how you look at it from your perspective and there is no right or wrong  interpretation about it. It simply is our experience.

I hope this post did not give you the reader, the run-around but it’s just all the things that came to mind because that metaphor got triggered today in group therapy.  All that I can say is, ” oh what a day”.

Linda Booth


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