Too Many Tears



Friday during the middle group at IOP,  for some reason four out of the five of us had a hard time not crying. Each for their own stuff. I was one of the four. I actually stepped out of the room to take a break in the general area. It was the fight or flight response. I knew that I would have a hard time siting there holding  back tears because I did not want anyone to notice.  While I was out of group I kept telling myself that I need to keep this under control. It was too scary to let it show. I was also pulling the suffering from the other woman in the room into myself as if it was mine.  Talk about over-whelming emotions. When that happens I have a difficult time pulling all that emotion out so that I know what part is mine. The therapist came out to check on me but I was already returning to the room. I really don’t know what came over me. It seemed as though I had no understanding why the tears kept erupting from my eyes. I suppose that is what I need to do. Maybe I don’t have to figure it out. It’s enough for now that I think it is coming from a very deep raw place inside of me.

The more that I let out tears the more that I realize that’s it’s not really so bad. When we build something up in our heads it becomes  impossible to handle. I guess it just takes testing the waters. A little here and a little there and before I know it I might just be through it.



2 thoughts on “Too Many Tears

  1. You can get through this
    It’s time to let go my dear
    Your life is too precious to harbor these horrible nightmareso
    It’s ok you have people around you that understand hun

    Hugs and kisses to you


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