Compassion and Support

th9anih102  Today in the second group of IOP we have open therapy. The theme seemed to be addiction. Discussing this difficult disease brought out many tears. Tears are good,  so they keep telling me and for the first time in my life I started to trust in the process. It’s the process of  grieving all my losses and not being afraid to express my sadness .It’s even ok in a group where we all understand because our problems are so similar. Not only the problems but the way that we all deal with them.   Some just shut down, I have known many like this. There are others that use addiction to kill the pain. Some are so distraught that they take their own life. Believe me we all understand that as well. Thank goodness we had intervention when it was needed and it got us through so many  painful times. I am extremely grateful to the group for their support and suggestions and just sitting there listening.

None of this is easy a subject to take on but if we want to be honest with ourselves and others we absolutely need to speak up when we are having a really hard time.. In fact if we are really depressed,  honesty might just save our life. No one can read minds so we need to try to find the strength within ourselves to ask for help.

Well enough of that. It’s a downer. Last group we always fill out this sheet to help guide us with our plans for the weekend. I am planning a surprise for my husband. I want to make his favorite meal. It will be lasagna  and the works. I generally make this dish when all the kids are over as they love it too. It’s such a happy fulfilling dish. Emphasis on the full. It even weights a ton to put it into the oven. I will be making a small one. It’s just going to be the two of us. I still haven’t gotten use to all the down sizing of meals since the girls all moved out. I miss them. I miss being surrounded by happy noise in the house. I even remember sitting in the living  room watching TV and I would turn it down just to hear them breathing and peacefully sleeping.  Its one of the most beautiful sounds a mother can hear.








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