Still Waiting


I am still working on finding the puzzle pieces to my life that truly fit in hopes to find out who I really am and what my purpose is.

It takes great strength to be patient in any kind of process. Sometime waiting can feel like its taking forever. Sometimes waiting can take a whole lifetime. It can make a difference in how much we will allow the process to take. When it comes to dealing with trauma from our pasts life can seem so incomplete. I think it is like a piece of driftwood floating down a river with no certainty of when or where it will stop.  However long it takes, we do have choices in how to go about it and to stand up to those that have caused us so much harm and scared our life forever.  Yet we do come to realize in time that those scares are just the battle wounds that help us tell our story. Some people don’t even know that they have any choices or that they even have a voice that will make a difference in the quality of their life.

I know for myself that if I keep on running from my feelings it will stretch out the time it will take to heal. I think I have caused myself more pain than I needed to. If only I had realized what was happening to me. For a long time I was lost and I did not even know what it was that I was running from. But when I finally did become more aware, a big chunk of my life had already passed by. When we are young we seem to think time goes on forever. But before long we begin to realize how valuable it is to make good use of our time. Yet,  in some cases we are so caught up in surviving the aftermath of what we went through that it already has stolen precious time that we could have been doing something different with our life.

I hope in time, that my blog and others like it will find those people who really don’t realize that they have a voice to speak out about what happened to them as a child and know that others will listen. In this way they can begin to heal. I feel so bad for those who have died and never really had a chance to live because of sick twisted people who seem to have no concept of the life long damage that they cause.  But for all those precious people out their who are now suffering, yes there is hope and you can heal and get your life back.




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