Major Computer and Kitty Crash


I haven’t posted for a few days because I was having major issues with my hp laptop. It’s only a year old. I had so much stored on it. My husband is always telling me to make sure that I save to my flash drive every so often because you never know. I listened most of the time. I tried to start it up to work on a video that I was making and it went to a black screen with the HP logo in the middle. It did not matter what I tried, nothing worked. I kept trying to shut it down and boot up again but the same thing kept happening.  I was crushed. I love my computer and I had everything set up just the way that I liked it.

I turned to YouTube videos to try to find out if anyone had tutorials on how to fix this problem on my model of hp. I found a few and fiddled with the ideas that they gave me using function keys at the same time that I pressed the on button and I got to a screen that gave me options on how to fix the problem. I had to return the computer to factory settings.  I had to start all over again. I lost windows 10 that I got for free.  I have to say though that I had a lot of issues with windows 10 that I did not have with 8.

Well its back up and running and here I am writing which is one of my most favorite things to do.  Ah…. no,  I am not writing  anymore because Mr. Max,  aka. Maxwell, aka. boo-boos on a count the fact that he has a wide perfectly shaped white marking on his back left leg that looks like his leg is bandaged, decided that he needed me.  Well if he is not the center of attention he gets in front of you and makes himself the center of attention. So here I was sitting quietly by myself on the loveseat in the living room on a cold winter afternoon writing a post for my blog and excited over the fact that my computer is working….still, when Max leaped into my lap and somehow deleted what I had typed and the laptop fell over onto the floor as Max took its place on my lap and demanded attention. I looked at him angrily at first and well he’s to darn cute, need I say more. He began throwing his paws at my face as if to say well aren’t you going to pet me mommy? I’m always a sucker for pets and babies. Yes, of course I snuggled with him for a while. Each moment that I thought our session of affection was over, he started to throw the paws again. He won. But I had a trick up my sleeve, actually it’s a treat. He goes nuts over these things.  It worked so maybe I won?

Well anyways, enough about my  spoiled little brat.  Actually my daughter Crystal when she was little always did the same thing only she did not throw her paws at me…haha.  Yah I gave into her too.

I am sick today. I feel miserable and my husband is at home and laughing at the way that I sound. I’m like, its a cold, what do you expect me sound like.” Have a little sympathy for me my dear husband”. All he can say to me is stay away from me “sicky”. I mean really, when he is sick he expects me to take care of him. Men sometimes don’t have a clue on what their supposed to do. But I love him……he’s a good man. A bit of a brat but hes a good man.

Last but not least, I had my first session back with my EMDR therapist after leaving IOP. I think it went very well. We did not do any processing of memories but we just talked about the time I spent at IOP and what was helpful about being there.  She is an awesome therapist and I feel lucky to have found her. She has this fun side to her that always puts me at ease. She is somewhat personable which makes opening up to her feel easier and safe.

Gifts can come from the most unlikely places sometimes. I am so very grateful!






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