A bit of everything

So we got a brand new president. But was he the right one. “I wont say a word”, about that!

Moving on, I have a horrible toothache. I am going to the dentist tomorrow. I also have an appointment with the dental surgeon to have a tooth pulled. I hope he knocks me out for it. I don’t mind feeling dopey for a while after. My dentist better give me more pain meds to make it to next Thursday to have it pulled. I hate pain meds because they make me sick, but I hate toothache pain more.

There was some progress, be it ever so little, in lowering some of my medications . My doctor said one at a time. So I was weaned off a mood stabilizer. I took my last pill last night. I’ve been co-operating so far. But in the end its my decision. I have made sure that it is a responsible one.  I am done feeling like a zombie. It’s hard to function from day-to-day when I am feeling so sedated.  I bet you all know what I mean.

My niece was sent to the hospital for her appendix.  She is doing a lot better now and she is back home from the hospital but I have to say though, that I got a little too scared for her because her Moms appendix burst years back and she got very sick. Just when she started feeling better she ended up with a staff infection. Her mom just died last year, not from that but from heart problems.  It must be hard to be young and have to go through life without your parent.  Her mom did get to see her get married and have her three children. My other sister-in-law died when her children where still quite young and did not get to see them get married or have kids. It makes me sad because I know how much she was looking forward to that.  Speaking of death my favorite brother-in-law died last year as well. He died in his sleep. We don’t know why because he did not have an autopsy and he was cremated. Yah it was a tough year last year for the family.  When we lose someone who we love it can make us more aware of those in our life right now and appreciate and value them. Life is beautiful but life is fragile.




P.S. I did say a little bit of everything. But it felt good to get that all out.




3 thoughts on “A bit of everything

  1. I hope you find relief from your pain until seeing the surgeon.

    Considering the march on Washington and around the world on the day after the inauguration—so many women against just about everything he stands for, I’d say NO to your first question. I wish I had marched in our city had I the energy, then I would feel empowered instead of a victim to a tyrant and afraid for the safety of us all.


    1. Yes I do feel relief right now as the dentist gave me a script for pain med.
      But I feel a little loopy s0 my husband is making fun of me.
      I have to agree with you with regard to Trump. Its a little scary if woman just did nothing. I am impressed by the huge number that were marching. I can always count on you to have just the right things to say.
      I appreciate you!

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