Going in Circles

Nope there not in here!                   Your putting what in my mouth?


I am so frustrated. I need to have a tooth pulled and the first appointment with the dental surgeon,  (the consultation),   and  I could not find my keys so therefore I was not able to make that appointment. I also had an appointment with the regular dentist the same day and had to cancel that one as well.  Both  places understood and made me a new appointment and they made fun of me playfully for losing my keys. So I had to wait longer for the tooth extraction. I was in moderate pain but running out of pain meds from my regular dentist.  So I thought, how the heck am I going to survive this pain and wait until my next appointment to get relief. Well I finally went to second regular dentist appointment for some fillings and got more pain meds but only for three days and my consultation with the surgeon was not until the following Thursday.  I scheduled another appointment for further filling work but went on the wrong Monday. I was a week early for that appointment and was there for no reason.  What a waist of gas…….at least that’s what my husband would say. It didn’t really bother me too much because I was already out and went shopping instead. Didn’t really want to suffer dental work that day anyway so it was definitely a serendipity moment for me. Well it finally came around for my consultation with the surgeon. I was eager to get that all over with. But…..but I have never been their before and I don’t really know my way around this town. I used my old outdated GPS and it got me lost. At least that’s my story and I’m sticking to it. It kept leading me into circles around this place without ever actually finding it. Normally I would just call them on the cell from that point and ask them the color of their building or a landmark near it. But my anxiety got the better of me and I felt like I was heading into a panic attack. Actually……….. that’s my story and im sticking to it.  No really, it’s the truth,  I was so frustrated that I through that stupid outdated GPS on the floor and headed for home.

I did call them when I got home but could not reschedule with them as it is company policy that if you cancel twice without calling right away they will not reschedule.  Could things get anymore frustrating? Well I had to call my regular dentist to cancel my appointment that I was a week early for because I had an appointment on  the same day and time with my therapist. I only see her  twice a month now because of insurance issues, (high deductible), so there was no way I was canceling my therapy appointment pain or no pain!

Its been quite the ordeal but its all good. I will get there eventually and get this #$%^ tooth out. This is what I get for neglecting my dental health.  So some would say that it was all my fault. Well you know it was.  I have not been to the dentist for six years.  You can do this for only so long until it comes around to bite you, no pun intended.




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