It Boggles the Mind


Is it selfishness, laziness or apathy that prevents us from seeing how our reactions impact our children?


Every generation seems to leave a mark on the next generation. It’s like a bread pan with a dent in it. If you keep using that pan for bread that dent is always going to be there on all future loaves of bread.

Make a change

Start a new framework for your family.

Take your pain and make a change!

Take a step back in time when you were a child.

Look behind and learn from your parents mistakes.

These were mistakes that their parents made.

We should want the best for our children, but we go on unaware of any impact we may have on our children.  The pain that we feel has been branded into our  brain, but we cannot seem to access it enough to make a change.  We react the way our parents reacted. It becomes like a reflex. It often happens without thinking. Do you slap a child and then step back and say, ” why did I do that?”. It happens that fast.

It’s just one split second in- time reaction that can detrimentally affect your children and their future children. That”s all it takes. Where does it stop?When does it stop? How does it stop?th7T6I9C0D


Before you react onto your child what was done to you picture a bright red stop sign.

Take breathe.

Make a decision to change for the sake of a child!




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