the skeleton key

Daddy said, “come with me to a secret place.” I was excited to know that we were going to a special place. He took my hand and led me to a door. The door was locked. He had to use a key to open it. While standing there I watched as my daddy put his hand in his pocket.  I heard the jingling sound of keys. At that moment, I thought, how important my dad must be to have so many keys.  Instantly, I had another thought, does he have the right key to the door that is just in front of us? He had in his hand the most mysterious key that I had ever seen. A very strange feeling came over me and my excitement  change so quickly to fear. The key fit the door and with a  turn or two it unlocked and opened. It was so dark and I could not see a single thing and I said, “daddy where is the light switch?” He told me not to worry so much about where we are going.  He said, “I will lead the way.” He opened the door wide and just inside the door was a candle laying horizontal on a shelf. He took the candle and lit it with a match. I thought to myself, “what is this place? I said to daddy, “it’s very creepy in here can we go back”? He said we just got here and now you want to leave?” “Lets keep going, he said and I will show you where the feel -good place is”. But daddy what is that, what do you mean daddy?”