Cloudy With An Internal Burst of Sunshine


It’s a cloudy day today but I am determined to only see my internal sunshine. Determination is the key. It’s not always easy and sometimes I can’t do it at all. It takes imagination and persistence and a willingness to not let the day, weather or my mood dictate how I am going to feel today. This is entirely up to me.

I have been having some really down days where I feel raw and on the verge of tears but instead of trying to figure it out, which might make it worse, I am going to just let it be.

There is a funny sort-of-thing about imagination, even though it’s not real it can change a mood by its thoughts or content with positive or negative effects on us.

I have grocery shopping today. I use to really enjoy it but lately it is just a chore that I need to get done. I know that I need to let joy and fun into my day, ¬†with some imagination and creativity. These are two of my favorite things. I have many ways of achieving them so it shouldn’t be that hard. I shall see as the day progresses.


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