The Eclipse


The eclipse just marked this day as a special day. But the eclipse is only a small part of my day and only takes a small place in my brain. But if I use the eclipse as a metaphor it can own a bigger part of my brain. I feel like there is something covering over my life. It does not look or feel or sound the way that it is supposed to. I am working on how I’ve been feeling in therapy because I do not want this feeling of down to continue. I trust my therapist that she knows what is best for me to work on. Sometimes if feels like I am resistant  to do the work I need to do to rid my body of this negative energy and memories that keeps coming up. I feel like my mood is in the cellar of my body right now….


P.S. I am not going to let it stay there I am going to do what ever it takes to move through  it and be lifted up and out of this state of existence. I have a life to live.

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