Changed Psychiatrist


downloadI have been through so many psychiatrists and therapists over the years. We are talking decades here. Some good and some not so good and some excellent.  I just lost a really good psychiatrist. They told me a new one was coming to take her place and so I waited. They told me that it would be about a month for him to get settled in and to call at the end of the month to schedule an appointment.  Well a month went by and he still was not there. Finally I get the news that he is not coming at all. I heard he was really nice too. I played around with the idea of going to a doctor that I had in the hospital in the past and looked him up. He is super nice.  He is now in private practice. I changed my mind and  I decided to use one of the other doctors in the same office as my former doctor. I know him very well.  I don’t really care for the way he does things or his manner but I figured that I only see him once a month so it’s not going to kill me to stay with him. Well, I had my first appointment with him and he started seeming very friendly and joking a little and making good eye contact, which seems to be a problem for him,  then he swiveled his chair around to look at his computer screen as I was talking.  So I figured I would wait until he turned around. He wondered why I stopped talking and said, “go ahead say what you were going to say”,  but he did not turn around. I did not at all means for this to come out the way that it did but I said without thinking,  “I am not going to talk to the back of your bald head”. I know that was rude of me right?  I should ask you the reader who was really the rude one.  I should have left the bald part out,  that was rude of me! It just slipped out, you know like when you usually think something inside your head but it comes out spontaneously and you didn’t really  mean for it too.

I will wait it out and give him some time but if I am not happy there than I will have to find another. It is so hard on me and I know it is hard on many others as well, when you get use to someone and they retire or move and you have to change your therapist or doctor. Oh well that’s life!


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P.S. I still have my wonderful therapist! I am not giving her up without a fight!


4 thoughts on “Changed Psychiatrist

  1. I felt as if I were grieving a death when my therapist moved out of state, so I know how hard it is. But I laughed out loud reading this. Good for you for speaking up. I so applaud your audacity and use of your vocal chords. I still find my mouth mute in times when I need to shout. You have courage to state the facts even to someone who is supposedly highly educated. He deserved the bald part, like out of the mouths of babes.
    God, how freaking full of himself he must be to do that. Almost as bad as the one I had who played with her dog on her lap then left me to go down the hall to fetch a biscuit for the dog from the kitchen.


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