This was sent to my email

Hi Linda,

As you have signed the petition calling the government to take more action on child sexual abuse, I am now asking you show your support for this cause again.

Please share this booklet with your friends and family.

Our campaign is aimed at raising the awareness about the scope and scale of sexual abuse in the UK. We have published a booklet to help do this.  Why?

Survivors are not getting justice through the courts, as the juries do not understand enough about the effects of abuse, and the impact it has on the behaviour of the victims. So their behaviour is held against them.

Children are left to be abused because they are not believed, again based on their behaviour.

People need to understand more, to be able to help more.

This button will take you to an electronic version of our booklet, if you are willing to share these booklets, please reply to this email with your address, and I will send them to you in the post. They are A5 in size. Just take 5, 10 (or more !) and hand them out.

We need to stop the rape and abuse of over 550 children each day, and knowledge about what is happening will get people to stand and be a voice for the children.

A Child is Crying Booklet
Thank you for your continued support.

Dianah Walker
A Child is Crying Campaign Team
020 8552 4842



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