What a weird day today.



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I was driving to therapy and noticing the clouds in the sky,  I saw a very odd one. It was a very very dark color. It almost looked like it was smoke from something burning. As I continued on my way I saw more clouds like that. Just what has been going on in our skies? Gone are the days when I was little and the skies where this brilliant shade of blue. It was cheerful to look up in the morning an notice how the beautiful sun played off the clouds to give such a sight. But now I look up to the sky and view the strangest cloud formations. They don’t look natural. It’s not just that. There are strange things going on all over the world on a unprecedented scale. I am not one to fall for conspiracy theories. But I have to admit they can be convincing at times based on facts that we have already experience. Like the homeless disappearing or being put in fema camps. I am not going to get into all that I know about some of this stuff but you have to admit that the world is changing. I am sure there are hidden things that the government does not want us to know. The weather has been devastating to so many people around the world. Earthquakes, mudslides, holes opening in the ground and swallowing up half a town. Hurricanes have increased in their devastation. No one knows just what is going to happen next. Oh and lets not forget the trigger happy guy in North Korea.

Yes this was the kind of day that I had. I was stressing about my own personal issues and then I brought the whole world into it. Because I care.

I guess the best that we can do for now is wake up in the morning and pray to God to thank him for another beautiful day despite it all. The world is in such a mess but God will soon step in and stop the suffering. That’s something important to hold onto.



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