new beginnings

Well my daughter is finally settled in her new home just down the road from me. Its awesome knowing that as my grandsons get older they will be able to ride their bikes down to see Nana and Papa. First week in their new home and already the boys asked for Nana to make cookies. Well, I know that they had a little prodding from my daughter, Jazzy, who is their Aunty and Nanny. She finally has her own room, her own space. She hasn’t had that since she left home to help her sister out with the kids. Amy, my other daughter, the new home owner, has a very busy life. She is director of nursing where she works. Yes, she makes the big bucks but her job is demanding. Earning that kind of money always comes with some price. I think, in her case, it’s that she does not have as much time for the boys that she would like. But she is an excellent Mom and takes really good care of her children. It’s obvious to me that she wants nothing but the best for them. I am so proud of her. I am also so proud of Jasmine, aka , Jazzy,  because she takes excellent care of her nephews.

Well there are changes in my home as well. I have spent a lot of time painting the walls in my house and redecorating. We are getting a dumpster this weekend to purge all the accumulated stuff from decades of storage. When closets start to bust at the seams, its time to get rid of some stuff. Some of it will be donated to Good Will. The rest will see the dumpster soon. We have the girls old beds, furniture, old tv’s and the couches that we are replacing with a brand new set. The old set has seen better days. Although it is leather, it has gone through children’s pouncing and shenanigans and its gone through many pets who felt that the couch was their space. The new set is coming Tuesday. So we need to get rid of everything before then. Our house has gotten a face lift.  It needed it for a very long time. There is still more that we need to do but its going to take patience and more money. Everything comes in good time.

It has been great for my constantly changing moods lately. It has given me something positive to focus on. I need a lot more of that in my life for sure. I am one of those people who has to have my home completely organized or I am not at complete peace with myself. It’s not always a bad thing. Once all this organizing and purging is done than I will need to find other positive things to focus on. Perhaps it will be putting more effort into my writing and I should start using that “art studio” of mine. Things seem to be coming together for me but I am not going to put too much excitement into it yet. Time will tell if I am actually doing better emotionally. I have been working on the trauma and I feel quite a bit of relief from the symptoms. I know that there is still more to work on but if my partial success is proof that it will work out than the remaining effort to work through the rest will defiantly be worth it.



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