Busy Day

I did not think that today would be such a busy day. But, you never know what each day will bring. I needed to go grocery shopping, not my favorite thing to do anymore, but my husband called and told me to wait until the dumpster gets delivered. Well I did and as I heard the big truck roll up my street I knew that I had to get dressed fast because I was not presentable the way that I looked. However, before I could make a break to my bedroom to change there was a knock at the door. It was the dumpster guy who turned out to be very nice and asked me to come out to show him just where we wanted it. I said to him, “well I am not really dressed”. He replied, “ah don’t worry no one is looking. So I took his advice and went out and showed him where and said thank you and then darted back in the house. You know, I never get dressed soon enough and I am always caught the way I am dressed when someone knocks on the door. I have been known to not answer the door. Its rude but when I am in that moment I am more worried about my own embarrassment.

Well I finally got dressed about 11 am. I went off grocery shopping. It was ok. There were not a lot of people there this time. Really, its true when people say,  “timing is everything”. It did not take me long and I think I actually enjoyed it. When I was done there I set off to find some paintings for my living room. I became very frustrated because I could not find the perfect painting for the wall that I wanted it for. I believe the way that I decorate says a lot about me, so I wanted the painting to reflect that and to be cohesive with my choice of design. I did find a piece. It was perfect. The frame was the right wood grain color.  It was a floral with birds which goes perfect with my whimsical_sparkle theme.  I was very happy with my choice and the price was right as well.

Tomorrow is another day,  so for now I am going to get some much-needed down-time. Provided that my husband does not snore to loudly. It can be a challenge to get to sleep to begin with but when you hear the occasional  lawn mower sound in your ear it’s very hard to settle down enough to sleep. I love my husband…my dear husband but I do not like the snoring, not one little bit. Hey that kinda sounded like a Doctor Sues line.  I’m such a little girl sometimes. I think this fact is reflected in my decorating too.




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