I have been away from my blog. There has been so much going on and so much to do that it just gets crazy sometimes. I am starting to do some freelance writing. I got my office all set up. It’s a perfect space for inspiration. Its a scary writing world out there  but I am going to do it! I do have what it takes. My daughters are not the only go-getters in our family.  Where do they think they got it from?

No seriously its a leap of faith. I have no children at home to interfere with my work. I have complete quietness. I love that I have a job that I like to do and no one looking over my shoulder. I can set my own hours. I can work in my pajamas if I want to. It will be a challenge sometimes. I am sure of that, as my moods affect my day. I will have to do research and perhaps interview people. That could be exciting.  I am going to start Monday.

Besides all that I have been taking other leaps as well. I got invited out for dinner Thursday and I actually went and had a great time.  It all feels like starting a new. Time will tell.





She was screaming and pulling on my shirt,
And looking desperate to be free.
I became embarrassed very easily,
From her childlike fears and needs.
I am not her mother,
But she pleads for me to be.
I just went on with my day.
For a time she fades away.
Life seems normal and free.
But only because she hides,
Till the next time that she can plead.
There it goes again.
That pulling on my shirt.
If I keep ignoring, what will it do to her?
If I keep ignoring will I be the one that’s hurt?
I try sometimes.
To this there is proof.
For each time that she pulls at my shirt,
I get farther and farther from ignoring her,
And much less aloof.