A very slow Wednesday


Well, my husband his home from work until next year. He definitely deserves this time off. I love having him home. We watch tv together except when it’s a guy movie that looks very boring. But then again there are those tear-jerkers that I would love to share with him. That would be a huge challenge for him. I have to be honest, sometimes I watch what he watches even if I don’t like it because I just want to be near him.

Usually, I am always alone. Somedays I can handle it especially if I have a lot to do. Sometimes I am glad that I am home. I have the house to myself and can do whatever I choose. Oh except housework. I know that I have to do that.  But I don’t choose it! Otherwise the skies the limit…or the ceiling in my case. I could choose to work on my book or paint. I might even work on some projects around the house.  I always come up with these cool ideas to save money in decorating but the problem is that those ideas and get backlogged. When that happens I sometimes throw in the towel for the rest of the day. In fact, I might just read or watch a mystery, especially if it’s cloudy or snowing. I sometimes use that as an excuse for my actions. It doesn’t happen all the time. If it did, then my house would be a horrible mess and disorganized.  I couldn’t have that.



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