Exhausting Day


My day started out very early. I woke up at 6:30 and got up to make my coffee. Usually, I don’t eat in the morning but I decided that I need to pay more attention to my body.  I started having two eggs in the morning every day.  The coffee is too rough on my digestive system. I have been under more stress than usual and that contributes to the belly problems. I had my physical Friday and the Doctor said I was healthy and all my blood work came back normal. It was very good news because I was stressing over why I had so much tummy trouble. I did find out why. I have to wean myself off of coffee, sugar, and chocolate. Ugh, who wants to have to do that. It is making my body too acidic. I am now on a mission to eat fresh vegetables, fruit, and nuts. I have been drinking more water. I do get dehydrated easy. Well enough about my personal food issue.

I had therapy today.  I wanted it to go easy just because  I have been so emotional and anxious lately and it interferes with my day. Well since my husband is at home until the new year, I will have him near me if I have a hard time.

Something came to me in an EMDR session. It was quite frightening to say the very least. I don’t think it is something that I want to share here. Maybe when I am all through with EMDR.  After therapy, my husband and I had to go to the body shop. Why you say? When I was pulling into a parking space at a store, this big bad concrete mass holding a light pole hit my headlight, imagine that, how rude. No, just kidding. I don’t really know what happened because it happened so fast. I have a good idea of what might have happened. I was pulling into a parking space and I had my youngest daughter in the car with me and my other daughter was impatiently texting Jasmine and pressuring me because she was babysitting and had to be somewhere for an appointment so she tells Jazzy not to let me waste time in the store. Jazzy told me what Crystal said and I got more stressed and  I thought the car was all the way in park but it started rolling forward toward the poll. Instead of hitting the brake I think in a panic,  I hit the gas and then the break so I guess I was the one who hit the pole not the other way around. We were all pressured for time and these things, unfortunately, do happen. Well, I have the car back as good as new and the insurance paid everything. So, my car with the big boo-boo is all better.

I think I am still a little surprised and shaken from therapy and it has stayed with me even with all the distracted errands that my husband had to make. I’ll be alright it will subside after while.

I plan to make the best of the time that I have with my husband home until the new year.



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