Life is Beautiful

Even if we are down or even depressed, hurt, angry etc, there is one thing that is sure……life is Beautiful. It takes a lot of effort and gut-wrenching work in therapy. It takes a positive attitude and a promise that after all is worked out, we refuse to allow ourselves to stay stuck in our painful pasts. Seeing life as Beautiful is looking through the tunnel that is called your life for now and seeing that tiny light. The light means that you are about to see how beautiful life can truly be when you are out of the tunnel.




Too Awake


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I have been spending a lot of time on social media lately with regard to big exposure and trouble for all high officials involved, the government, Hollywood, the music industry and more. It clearly is too depressing to be constantly curious as to the evil going on in our world today and how it all unfolds. In fact, they are horrific things.  Behind the scenes, there are evil things and evil people.

I do think that it is very important to keep up with the news as best we can but becoming overly obsessed can be a serious downfall.

It is so difficult at times for survivors of horrendous crimes to trust in people but we can’t even trust the news as fact. It’s been so-called fake news.  It is going to be hard for those who don’t know about all this yet and it will be even harder to understand and accept just who is behind it all.

Ok, enough of that stuff because it is a huge downer. I want to build up my spirit not crush it to bits. My goal is to encourage and inspire.

I haven’t felt up to it lately because I have been depressed and honestly, some of it is most-assuredly because of what I have been spending my time on. I know its a trap but this interest is driven by my intense curiosity. It is so easy with our amazing technological lives to get lost in it and forget what it is like to be truly human.

I’m taking a much-needed break from all of that. Perhaps, I will watch a comedy. They always say that “laughter is the best medicine”.