Wrongly Placed Words

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This is the situation, to say the least, and make a point.

Pain is nothing more or less than a person says it is.

Is that true?

What do you think?

Sometimes we get angry at others because they completely misunderstood what we were saying about some particular circumstance. Some say,” look at what I mean not at what I say.” I think that can be true but I also think that there is a fine line between the different uses of certain words in or out of context that can confuse people.

That happened to me recently.  I am going to be more careful from now on with what I say and how I say it.

This could be why what I say makes me fumble my words with people all the time. In the end, I am usually the one that gets hurt and it’s my fault so it makes sense that I should get hurt, or should I?

I always say, “I write better than I speak”. When I have a problem with someone, say I hurt them or they hurt me, I would rather take the time to write it all out and all alone by myself. In this way,  I can concentrate on the information that I want to express and not miss anything important that I wanted to say without interruptions, feelings or that person throwing words at me so fast that I can not keep up.  When that happens my mind gets all jumbled and I become stressed and then my brain takes a short vacation at just the wrong time. Now, its anybody’s guess what I will say next because my brain is on vacation.

We are so complex that there could be a hundred ways of reacting to the said situation and still be wrong.

Also, the other person can interpret it a hundred different ways and still be wrong.  So that just makes a mess of things. It is very frustrating for all involved.

But when someone seems hysterical you can’t believe everything that they say or know by the way that they say it,  because when you’re upset it’s hard to be rational and discerning. It’s at this time that your words get out of control.

What a mess this is and I have to live with whatever happens and I have to figure out how to fix it and be more careful next time.


P.S. There is no, “crisis”.


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