Hard Times

I’m keeping my options open and the possibilities are endless!


I still wonder how she is doing. I hope that after the good and final closure session that we had, that time will heal us both. Therapist are human. I could never hold one incident where she was over the top with her treatment of me and what had occurred, stop me from having respect for all the positive ways that she was with me over these few short years. It’s definitely a marked time in my life. I always use to tell  my daughters when they were growing up that there would be marked times in their life and these marked times can be very positive like when you graduated  from eighth grade but I also talked about marked times  that might not necessarily be positive and in fact they can have a negative impact on you as well, like when Grandma died.  But just like you look upon your graduation as another big step in your life, even the negative marked times can be a learning experience and time for real growth. So I am doing my best to look at this whole thing from a positive perspective.




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