When you think of me


th (2)

Deeply think,

back to me.

For you can see,

what use to be.

Come and play.

Don’t worry,

just stay.


long ago,

when we thought,

that we would never grow?

Remember when we tried to change.

To be someone else,

just for a day?

Remember when we captured fireflies,

to light our room up bright?

There was no fear there,

for just one night.

Remember how we dreamed,

as butterflies in flight?

The lightness of the air,

reaching way up there,

where the clouds come from,

in there billowing blue and pink.

We stay for a while to feel relief.

Oh but just while,

and then to sleep.

We prayed for just

one more dream.

But fear not,

all is needed to be in this state of remembrance,

is to think deeply,

and never forget to play.

Lindath (35)