Unpredictable Moods

It’s frustrating to me when I seem to be doing fine one day and then out of the blue my mood takes a nose dive. I am left with no energy and no motivation to accomplish all that I need to do and all that I want to do in that day. Monday for example was a seemingly perfect day. Wendsday however was a really low day. But I have been there before and I will be there again.

I know now through experiance to just enjoy the good day and never mind what happens the next day. I just want to enjoy each good day! I cannot spend my time waiting for the next time that my mood drops because I might not notice or realize the good days and what I can achieve. There are times that my day is so productive that I almost feel that I won’t ever have a bad one again. Because when you are in a certain mood its hard to see the opposite mood. Well that’s how it seems to me. Even the down days feel like they will never end and tomorrow will be the same. The best thing for me is to remember that life is ever-changing and I want to cherish my good days and though I may have a bad day, I just seek out the best things of that day and keep living for everyday. I want to see the beauty in everyday. Sometimes I say to myself, why can’t I be like everyone else but perhaps having such dramatic mood shifts is a gift in a strange way. They help me see just how precious life really is and how grateful I am to be alive.

Without the rain there would be no flowers.

Its finding the jem among the stones and treasuring it.






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