Its a scary world out there


As much as I want to be more a part of life than I am, there are genuine fears. They have never left me. They taunt me when I’m feeling good. They take me over when I am feeling bad. They can dictate my next move or devastate it.  They hide in the dark for just the right time to attack and remind me that I am a capture soul. There is a healing light that glows but they shadow over its brilliance. I want the light to find me. I want the light save me. My fears can hover over me so that I dare not make a choice. They like me the way that I am. I don’t challenge them out of fear. They are there when I sleep and they are there when I awake. They keep their distance so as not to be obvious. They can make themselves invisible to the naked eye but they are still all there waiting for the next attack on my insecurities and self-doubt. My negative emotions are their greatest strength. They catch me when I’m down. They bring down when I am happy. They dictate the rules of my life. They have for a long time. Who are they? They know who they are. A capture spirit they should fear the most because this spirit grows when they are not watching. This spirit of mine has been held back for so long and much like a spring under great pressure I will rise up and  do battle with dark. I will do battle with them, not with anger, not with fear, but with knowledge that I can persevere and perhaps in due time escape my captivity from the evil. When even the smallest light is cast upon the dark, it loses its power. The light will always conquer for it is stronger than fear. When will I make my move? Today, tomorrow or next year.  They are a thief of time. I have been held back long enough. Soon I will make my move.



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