Making peace out of chaos


Lists you can make to help calm your anxious mind

Setting reminders and creating events on your phone calendar is one thing, but when was the last time you actually wrote a list with pen and paper?

Did you know that writing lists can actually help with feelings of anxiety? Here are five ideas to get you started:
1. To-do list
Clearing out your mind is an easy way to feel less anxious.

‘When we are anxious our ‘thinking brain’ doesn’t work so well. Writing lists means we get our thoughts out of our head.
‘For to-do lists this enables us to see the tasks we want to do and we can plan and carry  them out better.
‘It also stops our brains from working overtime in trying to remind us of the things to do.’
2. Gratitude list Lists can help you focus on positives
It’s easy to fixate on the bad things in life, so take a few minutes to acknowledge the good instead.
‘Anxiety is often built up to an intense level by ‘thinking the worst’ but by focusing on all the good things in our lives, we become more  optimistic and so less anxious.’
3. Today’s achievements
Tackled something difficult today? Make a note of it.
Also reflect on every other goal that  you’ve met today, no matter how big or small.
Taken out the garbage. Awesome. Washed the dishes.  Amazing.
It’s the little things that add up to that feeling of accomplishment.
4. Worry list Writing about your worries can help ease them
Instead of letting worry take over, try putting it all down on paper.
‘It’s a way of getting the thoughts out of your head  so that you’re more clear-headed.
‘The act of putting feelings and thoughts into words and writing them down has a calming effect on our brains.’
5. Hopes and dreams list
It’s easy to get caught up in the day-to-day routine and forget that there are endless possible ways to fight being anxious.

I personally write down on paper what I want to accomplish and crossing off the ones that I did is a real uplift in my day.

Everyone’s lists are unique to them but the very idea of freeing up or minds when they get to full is very calming.





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