Why talk about self-harm?


There are many adult survivors of child abuse who self-harm.
Warning signs and symptoms of Self-injury

Self-harm (SI) is described as any intentional damage to  a persons own body. It can involve slicing, burning, and different types of self-harm, self-mutilation. Right here are the signs and symptoms of self-injury.
Those people who self-injure become very good at hiding scars or explaining them away. Long sleeves in warm weather are a common sign that someone self-harms.

Types of Self-damage

The most common forms are slicing the arms, arms and legs, and less generally the face, stomach, breasts and even genitals. Some humans burn or scald themselves, others inflict blows on their our bodies, or bang themselves against some thing.
Different kinds of self-damage involve scratching, biting, scraping and now and again placing sharp gadgets underneath the skin, and swallowing sharp items or dangerous substances.
Common forms of self-damage that can go unnoticed,  include people pulling out their personal hair and eyelashes, and scrubbing themselves so tough they smash the skin (every so often using cleaners consisting of bleach).

All this sounds horrible right? Well it is horrible to read information like this. But the damage people face whether as a child or as an adult is very real and painful. It might seem strange that someone might cause themselves harm to alleviate pain is ridiculous but that is exactly what they do. Physical pain can be a temporary distraction or it can have a numbing effect from the emotional pain even if for just a while. Until a person gets the right help to cope with their emotional pain they will, in most cases continue the behavior.


My only advise would be that if you are someone or know someone who self-harms please seek professional help. Don’t leave even more scars because haven’t you been through enough? Believe me I understand. I was a self-harm person until I finally got the help that I needed. I don’t claim to be a professional but from  my own personal experience, talking about your painful problems with a kind listening ear can be very healing and lead you down a healthier road!




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