I kid you not. I didn’t sleep a wink. My husband got up a few times during the night and kept asking,” why are you still up?” My answer to him was, “I could not sleep and I thought I would disturb your precious sleep so  I chose to go out into the living room and find something that might make me sleepy”.

I watched YouTube videos on reborn unboxing. They were really sweet. I have three reborn’s and I would like to purchase my very first silicone reborn soon. I enjoy watching the videos. They take me back to when my girls were little and dressed in all that pink and frills. I loved it. So now I have the reborn’s. I can buy real baby clothes and baby things and change and dress them all. I know it sounds silly but it’s really very therapeutic for me and others.

Well anyways, here I am Tuesday morning and just hours away from my therapy session and I have had no sleep. I’ve done it  before and I can do it again. After therapy I will go home and take a nice long nap. Then I will be good to go for hours and hours after my recharge.




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