I got the most amazing surprise from my children last Sunday. My husband said, “Linda I want to show you something outside.” I said, “ok” and followed him out the door. As I left my kitchen and through the porch I could see a lot of vehicles in my driveway. I started recognizing them as my daughters cars. So I continued walking with my husband leading the way and I saw one of my grandsons and my daughter, Jasmine. The farther I walked and around the corner there was one of my daughters, Amy,  holding this beautiful cream-colored golden retriever puppy with a giant pink bow on her collar. I was taken back and awe-struck at the same time. She took my breath away for a moment and then I rushed to verify that she was in fact real and right in front of me. This amazing dream of owning a golden retriever is now realized. My daughters and son-in-law and future son-in-law took a ride to Pennsylvania to get her. I am sure it was a long drive as I live in Connecticut. What an amazing surprise and what an awesome thing for my family to do for me. They always find a way to show how much they love me. The sacrifice of time an effort to make the long journey was such a kind and loving gift. I know that this precious little life will fill my day with joy and excitement. Yes, puppies like babies, are a lot of work and can be challenging but the positives in life always out way the negatives. She is wonderful!

I have waited what seemed like an eternity for this precious golden retriever puppy. She is here and her name is Miss Molly. She is beautiful and everything that I ever dreamed in a golden retriever puppy of my very own. She is three months old and is pretty big. Bigger than I thought a three-month old puppy would be.